IVF SHOCK: Fertility clinic in Spain compensates couple after discovering that another man fathered their twins

Eggs, sperm and embryos can now be stored for up to 55 years
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A FERTILITY clinic must compensate a Bilbao couple with €230,000 after discovering that another man fathered their twin sons.

Throughout 2015 the couple underwent IVF fertility treatment and the woman’s eggs were fertilised by the husband’s sperm.

The embryos were successfully transferred to the mother who carried and gave birth to the twins in 2016 after a normal pregnancy.


A year later a routine blood test revealed “incompatibility” between the father’s blood group and the twins’.

Analyses carried out by a laboratory specialising in genetics confirmed that there was “absolutely no doubt” that he was not the children’s biological father.

A Madrid court has now found the clinic guilty of negligence in the “care, conservation, transfer, identification and handling of reproductive material” and ordered the clinic to pay €40,000 to each of the children, €50,000 to the mother and €100,000 to the father.


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