COIN SCAM SPAIN: Public warning for expats and holidaymakers to count change as false coins enter circulation

SCAM: Officers first warned about people being short-changed last year... Photo: National Police

NATIONAL Police warn the public to keep an eye out for coin scam going around Europe once again.

Officers first warned about people being short-changed last year but have recently been forced to warn the public again after a rise in reported cases.

Police are warning that everyone should check their change carefully after every transaction to make sure they have not been given either a Turkish Lira (looks almost identical to a one-euro coin), the Turkish 50 Kurus coin (looks like a two-euro coin) Jamaican 20 Dollar coin (looks like a one-euro coin), the Polish 5 Zlotych coin (similar to a two-euro coin) and the Venezuelan Bolivar (very similar to the one-euro coin).

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According to the National Police, these coins are very similar to the real euro but their value is much, much lower.


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