High levels of booze and drugs consumption in Spain according to new survey

ADDICTION: Consumption among those aged 15 to 64 in Spain remains at a high level. Photo: Shutterstock

ALCOHOL consumption among those aged 15 to 64 in Spain remains at a high level, despite having decreased over recent years.

In contrast, the number of people who smoke cannabis and tobacco has increased, according to a report on Alcohol and Drugs in Spain (AGES) for 2017/2018, which surveyed 21,249 people in Spain.

Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, Maria Luisa Carcedo said there is ‘a stable consumption in all drugs’, but that there has been a small upturn in the consumption of tobacco and cannabis, ‘especially among young people’.


As such, the Government is looking into adopting specific measures to reduce the number of smokers and prevent new consumers.

At a general level, as reported by the Government delegate for the National Plan on Drugs, Azucena Marti, alcohol is the most consumed substance with 75.2 per cent of those surveyed indulging in booze.

This is followed by tobacco (40.9 per cent), hypno-sedatives (11.1 per cent) and cannabis (11 per cent).

At the lower end of the scale was cocaine (2.2 per cent), ecstasy (0.6 per cent), amphetamines (0.5 per cent), hallucinogens (0.4 per cent), and heroin (0.1 per cent).


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