BOOST: Two-billion euro injection to reduce Spain’s youth unemployment problem

CRISIS: ONE in three adults under 30 is out of work in Spain Photo: Shutterstock

ONE in three adults under 30 is out of work in Spain, prompting an injection of two billion euros of government cash to tackle exceptionally high ‘unemployment levels’.

Labour minister Magdalena Valerio told Spanish press that many people in their 20s are ‘dependent on their parents, and grandparents’ because of a lack of opportunities.

According to reports, overall unemployment levels in Spain have been slowly dropping since the economic crisis, but at 14.5 per cent, are still the second highest in Europe, after Greece.


Unemployment figures for the under 30s stands at 33 per cent and Spain’s Socialist government wants to slash it to 23.5 per cent by 2021.

As such, it has announced two billion euros will be spent training this particular age group in languages and digital skills, with improved guidance.

It also aims to promote training programmes with the promise of work on completion, by working in conjunction with companies and potential employers.


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