Massive boost for Spain’s economy after export deal agreed with China

The range of products involved in the deal is set include fresh meat and cured products such as ham, shoulder, loin and sausage. Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN will now export an expanded range of pork products and table grapes to China following an agreement made as part of the framework of President Xi Jinping’s visit last month.

Last year, it became the first exporter of pork to the Asia, and the fourth supplier of offal, with a total of 373,000 tons worth €574 million.

And the recent signing will significantly expand the range of products authorised to include fresh meat and cured products such as ham, shoulder, loin and sausage.


China reportedly consumes almost 50 per cent of all the pork products produced worldwide. It accounts for two thirds of the total consumption of meat in the diet of Chinese consumers.

Until now Spain could only export citrus fruits, peaches and plum to the Asian country, as China reportedly negotiates just one fruit at a time.

So the signing of the new protocol, made in only two years is very unusual.

The negotiations were carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with the General Administration of Customs of China, in coordination with the Secretary of State for Commerce of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.


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