Medieval wall vandalised in historical heritage city in Spain

30 year-old from Palma faces fine and compensation payments. CREDIT: Policia Local de Palma

A GRAFFITI artist from Palma is accused of a crime against the historical heritage of the city after allegedly spray painting the listed Baluard del Princep wall in Mallorca.

The 30-year-old faces a €5,400 fine and may have to pay €2,080 compensation for the City Council of Palma for the damage and subsequent cleaning of the graffiti.

Local police identified the suspect after a long investigation carried out by the Group of Investigation and Security of Complaint (GIS).


At the time of arrest, officers seized a folder with a large number of sketches that he reportedly ‘consulted and then presumably translated them into historical monuments of Ciutat’.

A source said the suspect was known to police, and was found with a ‘partner’ on the Renaissance wall of Calle Bella Roja in August 2016. A few days later, officials noticed graffiti, and the courts were notified.

In February of this year, new graffiti with ‘similar patterns’ was discovered in the old Gesa building.

Palma police said ‘the modus operandi allowed us to impute the young man.”

The medieval wall is classed as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) and is catalogued with A1 protection level.


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