WATCH: ‘Voodoo threat’ women freed after police raid on brothel in south of Spain

Police in Spain Free Girl Forced Into Prostitution By Family
Police in Spain Free Girl Forced Into Prostitution By Family Photo credit: Policia Nacional

POLICE in Andalucia in the south of Spain have raided a brothel and freed 22 women of different nationalities who were forced into prostitution and kept locked up when not working.

The victims had been rounded up in other Spanish towns with offers of housing and a fake job in the hotel sector.

But, instead, the women were forced into prostitution and deprived of their freedom and locked up in accommodation that they had to pay for.


Police said that if any of them refused, the gang would use voodoo or black magic to achieve their purpose and intimidating their victims and fining the victims for non-compliance.

One of the freed victims told police how she was recruited in Barcelona by a member of the organisation while they were pasting posters offering work.

She said that they offered her a false promise of work in the hotel sector and assured her of a home, and free travel to the Almerian town of Vicar.

When National Police officers raided the premises they arrested three men and two women who are charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal gang, trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation and for crimes related to prostitution.


¡CON LA TRATA NO HAY TRATO!Así liberamos a 22 mujeres de diferentes nacionalidades obligadas a ejercer la prostitución en Vícar,( #Almería). Cinco personas han sido arrestadas, tres hombres y dos mujeres. Eran forzadas a ejercer la prostitución y permanecían encerradas en el prostíbulo durante las horas que no se ofrecían a los clientes.

Geplaatst door Policía Nacional op Woensdag 21 november 2018


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