Mood enhancing and visual

FOCAL POINT: A piece of are draws the eye and can create a mood CREDIT: Shutterstock

EVERY home should have a piece of art, and there are reasons why.

Affordable, quick and easy, they can transform the style of a room and make it feel more elegant, luxurious or quirky, while adding personality to a bland space.

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And it doesn’t have to cost the earth, a canvas, art print or vintage painting can make a huge difference.

Art creates a focal point, like a fireplace, which is a design rule when it comes to interiors. The aim is to draw the eye to something attractive, preferably in the centre of the room.

A balance between colour, texture and depth is another good interior design, and hanging art on the wall adds an extra visual layer to the scheme.

It can also help create a mood. Red or orange colours work well when trying to create a lively or energetic feel, while greens and blues have a relaxing, calming effect, and warm colours can make a room feel welcoming.

Many modern homes can be full of neutral colours, and a piece of art is a subtle, fast way to inject colour. It can form a guide for picking rugs, cushions and other accessories.

The added benefit is the whole scheme can be changed affordably by buying a new canvas or painting and a few other complimentary items.

In this way, personal style and statement can also be incorporated, particularly if the property is rented.

One strategically placed piece of art can say just as much as lots of personal items and home-wares.


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