Amazon’s Alexa and Echo digital voice assistant devices arrive to Spain

ALEXA AND ECHO: Coming to Spain. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

AMAZON is bringing their Alexa and Echo devices to Spain.

The announcement comes months after Amazon announced they had developed a Spanish language version of their digital voice assistant range.

Orders begin shipping to Spain from next week according to Amazon.


Devices like the Echo and all of its sister products the Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and Echo Sub are already available for pre-order in Spain.

Experts suggest Amazon have delayed the release of their digital voice assistant range until the Alexa system could properly support both the Spanish and Italian languages, the product is being simultaneously released in Italy and Spain.

Culture-specific updates to the devices have been implemented in order to allow the product to function as well as possible.

One example of this is Amazon’s partnership with local brands, the company have promised the devices will be synchronised with local news articles and even region-specific recipes, accents and jokes to try at home.


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