SEX DRIVE: Couple face jail after passionate encounter on motorway in Spain

TOP GEAR: Couple in Spain filmed apparently having sex while driving along a motorway. Photo credit: Twitter / @guardiacivil

A MAN and woman are for the high jump after they were filmed apparently having sex while driving along a motorway.

The Guardia Civil is investigating two people for a crime against road safety after the video (scroll down) appeared on social media networks.

The Segovia Traffic Subsector Research and Analysis Group learned of the existence of the video circulating on social networks in which it was possible to see a man maintaining intimate relations with his companion while driving.


Police spotted that the car was on what appeared to be a motorway, and the detective work started.

Eventually it was discovered that the road was the AP-6 around kilometre 80 in the municipality of Villacastin.

After examining footage from traffic cameras they identified the car and traced it to a man from Madrid. He reportedly admitted he was the driver, and then identified his companion.

They are now both being investigated for reckless driving and could face prison sentences of between six months and two years, plus a fine of €500 and a driving ban of between one and six years.


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