Dog breeder investigated for animal abuse and dog fighting allegations in Spain

Seprona arrested and charged more people in 2018 Photo Credit: Seprona Guardia Civil

LOCAL POLICE in Granada, Spain alongside the SEPRONA division of the Guardia Civil are investigating an alleged case of animal abuse involving a 22-year-old who has already had 41 dogs seized.

A Local Police statement declared an investigation began in January of this year after a representative of the Granada Animal Rescue Association flagged a potential case of animal abuse.

A severely wounded dog was handed to the nature protection unit of the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) by members of the public.


SEPRONA claim the injured dog arrived at their care on November 25 last year “badly wounded, bleeding and practically in agony due the lesions on his neck and multiple bites, causing deep wounds under the skin.”

A veterinary professional concluded the injuries were “compatible” with the injuries of animals “used in dog fights”.

A microchip was used to determine the registered owner of the dog, a young man, 22, was identified as a Granada resident.

Local Police files showed the registered owner had several previous indications of alleged animal abuse with numerous records citing “deficient hygienic sanitary conditions”.

Fourteen Local Police visits over a three-year period revealed 34 dogs and seven puppies had been removed from the owner’s charge, most of the dogs were unregistered and all are considered ‘potentially dangerous’ breeds in Spain.

The investigation continues to determine whether the man was immersed in the illegal spectacle of dog on dog fighting at the time his dog sustained its severe wounds.


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