Man forced to pay up after his dogs kill Pomeranian pet in street in Spain

Photo credit: Shutterstock

A COURT in Spain has ordered a dog owner to pay €2,160  compensation after his three dogs attacked another owner’s dog in the street.

The Court of First Instance in Sevilla ruled that the dogs responsible for the attack were “loose and without muzzle” in Gerena, Sevilla.

The ruling on October 9 heard the claim filed by the family of the deceased Pomeranian.


The family claimed that on the night of December 16 2016, the father of the family walked his dog down Calle Mirlo and into the Gerena area of Sevilla.

At this point “three large dogs” attacked his dog, “biting and pulling hard”.

The family claimed that despite emergency veterinary attention their family dog died due to the injuries sustained in the attack.

The family requested that the owner of the three dogs compensate them €1,500 for “moral damages” for the emotional toll the attack took on the family after having raised the Pomeranian for four years.

The family also requested €660  for property damage.

The court ruled that due to the fact the offending dogs were “loose and without muzzle” there was “no doubt about the responsibility of the defendant”, adding “we are before an almost objective guilt assumption”.


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