BEE WARNED: Giant exotic insect has arrived in Spain

ARRIVAL: The East Asia species has been found for the first time in Spain. CREDIT: Flickr

SCIENTISTS have warned of the arrival of a giant East Asian bee in Spain, after making the first sightings of the species in Europe.

The 2.5 cm long ‘resin bee’ from Japan and China was found in two houses, one in Barcelona and the other in Girona, the first time the exotic species has been found in a European country.

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The bee is believed to have arrived last year through the timber trade, as they nest in holes found in trunks, and walls with resin, clay and small bits of wood.

And experts have stressed that the solitary insect can attack when it feels under threat, though cautiously, as its survival depends on reproduction and protection of the next.

They advised against having exotic ornamental plants in gardens and parks.



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