€4.4 million flu jab campaign starts next week in southern Spain

FLU JAB: 1.35 million doses of the influenza vaccination have been reserved Photo Credit: Shutterstock

HEALTH authorities will begin their annual vaccination campaign on Monday, October 22, to provide protection for those most at risk from influenza in Andalucia.

The vaccination campaign is designed to protect the vulnerable population and to lower the risk of complications arising from the disease.

Around 1.35 million doses of the influenza vaccination have been reserved ahead of the campaign, a 10 per cent increase on last year’s doses.


Josefa Ruiz the Secretary General of Public Health declared today (Thursday) that 1,567 vaccination points will be accessible across Andalucia.

The campaign has supposedly cost the government around €4.4 million.

The flu jab campaign will run until December and will also offer the chance to be vaccinated against pneumococcus, one of the main bacteria that produces pneumonia.

The flu jab campaign is aimed primarily at those over 65 who live in residences and day-care centres.

People between 65 and 76 years old who have not been vaccinated in previous years are also recommended to visit a vaccination point.

The influenza virus is transmitted through the air, coughing or sneezing.

According to Josefa Ruiz: “Vaccination is one of the most effective measures to prevent certain diseases, in this case the flu, in those population groups that are more vulnerable to the virus”.

The Secretary of Health also stated pregnant women are welcome to be immunised in order to prevent the flu in both mother and newborn.



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