Welcome home! A contemporary solution

Cocktails before dinner? Photo Credit: Lufthansa Technik AG

A WIDE BODY jet is not a small thing. It’s quite big and roomy. A cabin length a touch over 50 meters, some 5 meters in width, in airline configuration would carry 440 passengers.

It could have several rooms instead. As you regularly fly from Marbella , Mallorca or Malaga you will be familiar with Boeings and Airbus aircraft most probably B737’s and A320’s.

These aircraft types are the work horses of short haul.


On longer range flights you will be familiar with the larger aircraft types and these are a real step up in comfort and service levels. Recall to mind the last occasion you walked aboard, the long narrow aisle before you and the guided search for your seat.

Imagine something else; coming home onboard your very own aircraft.

An ACJ350 with a cabin space of 2,910 square feet or 270 square meters at your personal disposal. Not just one tightish seat and seat back with an entertainment system, but a panoramic window looking out across the curve of the rim of the planet.

Or a cyber window that will display a view of anywhere through a digital window in the side of the aircraft. A convivial meal served at a dining table, a shower before a restful sleep in a full size bed. Of course you may not travel alone.

Your crew of eight and the aircraft can accommodate a throng of 25 chosen to make up your select party. All will be very well cared for indeed as you travel home.

Lufthansa Technik AG a massive engineering company headquartered in the German city of Hamburg with a truly global footprint, outfit aircraft and care for them.

Nose to tail. They know how impatient you as an owner can be to get airborne. Once you have acquired your aircraft from Airbus you do not want to spend two or three years while it is outfitted.

In a collaboration with Mercedes Benz the automobile manufacturer a ‘style sheet’ has been created allied to their investment in the preparatory engineering design being developed and executed so that the interval between construction of your Airbus A350 and its outfitting and delivery to you is as brief as possible.

Besides providing connectivity in flight that is now considered essential and normal, issues around health and well-being are addressed also. This unique cabin concept places the human being at the centre and was first presented at Geneva and most recently at the Monaco Yacht Show as “Welcome Home”.

A contemporary solution as the spaces or rooms in the cabin are flexible and allow for individual privacy or valuable family time.

Nick Horne, London , England


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