US fighter jet dumps two fuel tanks mid-flight over Spain after ‘technical problem’

Family of civilian accidentally killed by F-16 pilot awarded settlement
DUMPED: The F-16 fighter jet was forced to lose two of its fuel tanks. (File Image) Photo Credit: Shutterstock

AN AMERICAN airforce F-16 fighter jet from a US military base in  Spain was forced to dump two fuel tanks mid-flight last night (Tuesday).

The aircraft experienced a technical issue after take-off and dropped two fuel tanks in a field in Arahal, near Sevilla.

The US Embassy in Spain has reported the safe return of the pilot and aircraft to the military base in Moron de la Frontera.


No injuries have been reported on the ground following the incident which occurred last night, as nobody was working in the fields at the time when the fuel tanks landed.

A clean-up operation is underway involving US and Spanish personnel from the Moron military base.

The area where the incident occurred is near the location where Captain Fernando Lluna Carrascona perished when his  Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft crashed on June 9, 2014.


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