Spain’s ‘most wanted’ drug trafficker hands himself in after music video appearance

WANTED IN SPAIN: Francisco Tejon has appeared in a reggaeton music video uploaded by artist Clase A. Photo credit: YouTube

A DRUGS lord who brazenly appeared in a music video with scantily clad women has been arrested by police in the south of Spain.

The National Police detained Francisco Tejon, described as the most wanted drug trafficker in Spain, at La Linea in the province of Cadiz in Andalucia when handed himself in accompanied by his lawyer.

Tejon, who had been hunted since 2016 recently appeared in a reggaeton music video uploaded to YouTube by artist Clase A.


The song, titled ‘Candela’, showed Tejon and the singer stepping out of a Bentley Continental before arriving at a house party where they are surrounded by half-naked women and champagne bottles.

The music video was apparently shot an urbanisation in Los Barrios where drink-fueled orgies were regularly held.

The video has now been removed from the YouTube website.

Drugs boss wanted by police in Spain brazenly appears in music video with scantily clad women


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