Reforms in law relating to sexual crimes against women

PROTESTS: Demonstration against the La Manada sentencing in Pamplona CREDIT: Wikipedia

POLITICAL leaders this week agreed to change the law to demand expressed consent in sexual relations as part of the fight against violence of this kind against women.

The pact between the government and political group Podemos will lead to a reform of the Criminal Code with the aim of ensuring that ‘if a woman does not say yes explicitly’ then it is not consensual sex.

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A formal document reportedly states that ‘the lack of expressed consent of the victim will become a key issue in sexual crimes’.

The debate was triggered by the on-going La Manada case in Pamplona, involving an 18 year-old female who accused five men of rape.

When the men were found guilty of sexual assault, rather than rape, protests were provoked across Spain, with groups and activists calling for reforms to the law.


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