MALLORCA FLOODS DISASTER: Rescue teams find backpack of missing five-year-old boy

TRAGIC: The loss of two British lives in the Mallorca floods has been confirmed. Photo credit: Twitter / @MarGomezH

THE backpack of the missing five-year-old boy who was swept away by the catastrophic floods in Mallorca has been found.

Twelve fatalities have so far been confirmed after torrential rain hit the Balearic island.

More than 600 firefighters, police, military personnel and volunteers are still participating in the enormous clean-up operation after the area was declared a disaster zone.


In total, the bodies of 12 people have been found dead in Sant Llorenç, Artà, S’Illot and Carrió.

Some victims were still inside their cars that were carried away by strong currents.

There are seven men and five women, five of them are foreigners: a British couple, a German couple and a Dutch woman.

There is also an unidentified man, possibly a foreigner.

The remaining victims are two women and four men of Spanish nationality.

The Balearic government estimates that more than €23 million of infrastructure damage has been suffered following the freak storm.


MALLORCA FLOODING DISASTER: Rescuers still searching for missing child and two foreigners


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