Could your interior decorating decisions be impacting your mood?


WHEN it comes to interior design and decorating, most people tend to go for colour schemes and furniture that just looks good.

Unfortunately, while this may keep you happy for a little while, studies now suggest that making poor decorating decisions may be impacting your mood, mind and even your health. Here, we’ll be looking at how three crucial elements in your home could be affecting you and what you can do to change it.


Everyone knows that trying to read, watch television and do other visually demanding tasks in poor lighting can cause eye damage, but recent studies are now suggesting that lighting can have far greater influence over our bodies and moods. For example, studies have found that inadequate lighting can contribute towards depression, according to an article published in the Scientific American. Meanwhile, a properly lit room can boost your energy levels and make you happier. A well-lit room can also impact your appetite, leading you to eat lighter meals slower – which is probably why many restaurants keep their lighting dim to encourage you to eat more quickly.

Your best bet is to install ceiling lights, preferably with a dimmer switch, so that you can instantly change the lighting in a room from a central, high up location. There are plenty of different ceiling lighting options out there, from sprawling modern LED lights to elegant chandeliers or simple spotlights, so chances are you’ll be able to find something that suits you for every room of your home. For example, the options on offer at online retailer include everything from wooden ceiling lights to more modern designs as well as cable lighting, spotlights, chandeliers, and table and floor lamps, among others.

Bulb lighting can also impact your emotions, mind and mood, so you may want to consider tailoring each room’s lighting to your needs. For instance, lighting with blue tones is believed to improve alertness, mood and productivity and reduce fatigue and so will go well in a home office. Alternatively, warm oranges and reds are great for rooms where you want to create intimate, cosy vibes such as the bedroom or living room. 

Wall colours

Much like bulb tones, the wall colours in your home can also have a huge impact on our moods. Yellow, for example, is associated with positivity, happiness, brightness and overall joyful emotions, which is why many people choose to paint their kitchens yellow as it’s often a popular room to be in.

On the other hand, red is a passionate, bold colour that is often used on feature walls or in bedrooms. Green is also popular for bedrooms, as it instantly evokes thoughts of nature and relaxation, helping to relieve stress. Grey has a similar effect due to its subtle, serene tones while white remains popular in all rooms due to its universal popularity and clean, airy vibes. 

Seating arrangements 

Fortunately, deciding where your furniture should go is a far easier task than tailoring the lighting in each room or researching endless colour palettes. It also isn’t a problem if you make something you deem to be a mistake in hindsight, as you can always rearrange. Do make sure to keep in mind a few things though: Seating that goes against a wall is known to discourage socialising, whereas having seating that faces one another will encourage interactions in your home. All human beings require socialising as even the smallest chat can boost our mood significantly and even alleviate the symptoms of depression. 

By ensuring there’s a lot of daylight entering your home, tailoring lighting to suit your needs, picking the right colour schemes and arranging your furniture to encourage social interactions, you can ensure that your home will be a happier place. After all, home is where the heart is and we should always aim to fill our homes with happiness. 

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