RELIEVED!: Man rescued from Costa club after falling asleep in nightclub toilet

TRAPPED: The moment a reveller was rescued from Theatro night club Photo Credit: PONELE via Youtube

AN EMBARRASSED nightclub reveller was rescued the morning after a night out after being locked inside a nightclub when he fell asleep on the toilet.

The incident occurred in Malaga’s Theatro nightclub over the weekend when staff unwittingly locked the doors of the club oblivious to the fact the young man remained inside.

Reports suggest neighbours in the vicinity of the Costa del Sol club heard loud banging noises and shouting coming from within the nightclub, prompting the owners to investigate.


One local commented: “We heard someone banging on the metal door and a voice shouting: ‘Is there anybody there?'”

The nightclub reveller was captured on video finally emerging from the club bizarrely still clutching his drink from the night before when help arrived.


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