HUNGRY FLYER? Airport in Spain gets burger chain’s biggest restaurant – and it’s a WHOPPER!

WHOPPER: Airport in Spain gets burger chain's biggest restaurant. Photo credits; Shutterstock

A WELL-KNOWN burger chain has opened its largest restaurant in Spain and it’s a whopper and located in one of the country’s busiest airports.

The new eatery with a capacity for 223 customers covers then 650 square metres and will create 85 new jobs.

In addition to two kitchens, there are 12 self-service terminals and seven payment counters.


The new Burger King restaurant is the fifth that the chain operates at Barcelona’s El Prat airport and is located in the Sky Centre commercial area of Terminal 1.

Burger King has been in Spain for more than 40 years.

The first restaurant they opened in Europe was in Madrid in 1975.

In September they opened their 5,000th restaurant in Europe at Rubí in Cataluña.


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