BENI-DOORMEN: Bouncers battle to control brawl outside famous Benidorm bar

BRAWL: A huge fight erupted in Benidorm on Saturday night. Photo Credit: Bodman via Twitter

A MASS brawl that broke out on the doorstep of one of Benidorm’s most well-known drinking holes, popular with British holidaymakers,  on Saturday night has gone viral on social media (see video below).

In the footage posted by an account called Bodman on Twitter, bouncers are shown involved in a brawl with drinkers outside the Benidorm bar.

The clip begins with a scuffle breaking out between two drinkers and a bar stool is sent toppling over as the men grapple.


Things quickly get out of hand when a young man wearing red shoes is pulled to the ground before being violently stomped on by a larger group.

A bald man wearing a Benidorm security company T-shirt then jabs a separate young man, sending him to the ground clutching his face.

The bald man then approaches the camera and demands it be turned off.

The footage then abruptly ends and the outcome of the brawl remains unknown.

Bodman’s Twitter post documenting the brawl was accompanied by the text: “Your bouncers we’re out of order last night”, directing criticism at the way the bar’s security staff handled the whole incident.

WARNING: Video contains strong violence and viewer discretion is advised. 

Video credit: Bodman vis Twitter


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