Spanish MEP suggests Brexit is best time to sort out Gibraltar – the ‘money launderer’s paradise’

BREXIT: A Spanish MEP has declared that Spain “won’t have a better chance” to “sort out” Gibraltar. Photo Credit: Shutterstock /

A SPANISH politician has declared that Spain “won’t have a better chance” to “sort out” the question Gibraltar as Brexit talks continue ahead of the EU summit.  

The Spanish MEP, Esteban González Pons, member of the centre-right Partido Popular in Spain, has called for the future of Gibraltar to be resolved during Brexit talks.

González Pons described The Rock, during an MEP debate about Brexit ahead of the EU summit, as a “foreign colony”.


The Spanish MEP added Gibraltar is a “stain on the European integration process”, gong as far as to label the British Overseas Territory as an “historic anachronism” as well as a “tax haven” and “money launderer’s paradise”.

The politician suggested that Spain will not have a “better chance” to “sort out the last colony that remains in Europe”.

However, at present, Spain are more concerned about Gibraltar’s socio-economic conditions than the question of The Rock’s ownership.

The country’s Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell claimed last month regarding Gibraltar, “the issue of sovereignty is not on the table” during Spain’s Brexit negotiations with the UK.

Josep Borrell has previously cited issues such as The Rock’s airport, tobacco, fishing, commuters and customs as his greatest causes for concern and believes waiving, for the moment, Spain’s claim to Gibraltar is “the first step towards an agreement”.


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