WATCH: 200 extras spectacularly recreate Normandy landings in Benidorm

BENISTORMED: The extras recreated one of history's most iconic moments in Benidorm. Photo Credit: Ruptly

200 EXTRAS successfully revived the Normandy landings on Poniente beach, Benidorm this weekend.

The recreation captured the historic moment British and allied troops stormed the Nazi occupied beaches of Northern France on June 6, 1944.

This time however, the meticulously coordinated revival took place not on the beaches of Normandy, but on the Poniente beach of Benidorm.


200 extras played a part in the dramatic moment resting Nazi soldiers were surprised by fleets of advancing allied troops and the hand-to-had combat that ensued on the beaches.

The Codex Belix Association, organisers of the incredible recreation, made plans for extras playing the part of British and American allied forces to leap ashore from a 12-metre-long boat which once belonged to the Spanish Portaviones Prince of Asturias.

Thousands of spectators enjoyed the revival from a safe distance as the sound of gunfire, bombs and aircraft surrounded the battlefield and gave the public a glimpse of what it would have actually been like to be present during one of the most important military operations of the Second World War.

The extras acted out every aspect of the D-day landings, simulating deaths and gruesome battlefield injuries, leaving some extras lying completely motionless for the duration of the hour-long experience.

The spectacular event was designed to pay tribute to the thousands of men who lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.


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