CALLING TIME?: Court closure of Benidorm’s famous Tiki Beach bar splits opinion

BENIDORM: Tiki Beach pub and cocktail bar (File phootograph). Photo credit: Shutterstock

HOLIDAYMAKERS and residents have taken to social media to have their say over a court’s order to close Benidorm’s famous Tiki Beach pub and cocktail bar that was reported yesterday (Wednesday).

After years of pressure from neighbours the Tiki Beach on the Levante beach Spain’s Costa Blanca has been ordered to close by the country’s Supreme Court – but today it is reported to still be operating with a large media presence outside.

The Spanish court ruled in favour of the neighbours in a decision that can’t be appealed.


However, there are rumours circulating in the resort that the owners have already found alternative premises on the seafront.

Loud music and the behaviour of the clients, mostly foreign tourists, were cited by the community of owners of the Santa Margarita building in their call for action against the bar.

The court decision has divided upon on the popular Benidorm & Costa Blanca News & Information Forum on Facebook with more than 30,000 members and is run by Jacqui Perkins and a team of administrators.

Ian Stones said: “Thank goodness. Was awful to walk past it. However it was one of the most frequent places and a must go for the younger Benidorm set.”

Susan Ellison asked: “So which bar are they now going to go to, it just moves the problem on but to be fair, always looked good fun, maybe not for the residents though.”

Matt Kemp added: “I don’t think it was too much of a problem as such, but just didn’t look too good in an area full of families. There’s plenty of pubs like that down the strip if you like that sort of thing.”

Rachael Francis Watkinson suggested: “They already have a new one on the beach front ready…smarty pants arnt they 🤗” – although that has not been officially confirmed.

Lynne Devlin says: “Hopefully the start of beni getting cleaned up.”

And Micky Beven added: “About time I wouldn’t like to be a resident there!!”

Sue Moss chipped in: “Good about time, it was awful to see all the young ones absolutely out off it and off their faces with the drink. There’s having a drink and been happy and merry, this place was like seeing a crowd full off drunken Zombies.”

Group moderator Karen Hanson sald: “They’ll just go elsewhere, closing one bar won’t stop 100s of people from getting drunk.

Robert Bate suggested: “Benidorm is big enough for all sorts, however this type of bar should not be on the beach front as it has been intimidating to the folk passing by.”

Sue Roberts said: “Thank goodness, about time. 😃😃”

The Euro Weekly News is still awaiting a request for a statement from the owners of the Tiki Beach.

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