Ryanair cancel MORE flights as additional pilots join strike

GROUNDED: Ryanair cancelled flights ahead of the strike. Photo credit: Shutterstock

BUDGET airline, Ryanair, has announced more flight cancellations for tomorrow (Friday) blaming a strike, at short notice, called by the VC pilots union in Germany.

This afternoon they said, “We have pre-cancelled some more flights (under 100) tomorrow (Fri 28) due to a short notice strike, called by the VC union in Germany. All affected customers have received emails/text messages this morning advising them of these flight cancellations and their options.”

The German pilots announced they will join the existing strike by cabin crew in Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy and Dutch pilots.


Yesterday Ryanair revised the number of cancelled flights on Friday (September 28) downwards and says it expects ‘the vast majority of its people work as normal’ during the stoppage described by the unions as the ‘biggest strike ever’ to hit the airline.

“The number of flights cancelled this Fri, 28 Sept has been reduced to 150 (from the expected 190) as the vast majority of our people will work as normal. Over 92% of Ryanair’s 2,400 flights on Fri will be unaffected by these unnecessary strikes and will operate as scheduled.

But this afternoon’s Tweet suggests the new total could be in the region of 250 cancelled flights.

There is still no publicly-available list of the flights that have been cancelled.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority has urged them to claim €250 or €400 in compensation under European air passengers’ rights rules.

However, the airline has said they will reject compensation claims for strikes because they were caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’.


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