Hitler T-shirt causes uproar in bustling resort popular with Germans in Spain

DISRESPECTFUL: The owners of the shop claim the shirt was pre-ordered. Photo Credit: Twitter / @joanramax

AN ADOLF HITLER T-shirt has been snapped in one of Mallorca’s busiest tourist spots causing outrage on the Spanish island.

Spotted and photographed on Palma beach, Mallorca the controversial T-shirt has made waves on social media.

The photographer, who shared the snap on their social media account @joanramax commented: “On the street in Palma most visited by German tourists, you can find souvenirs that in their country are impossible to find.”

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He also implored the local authorities at l’Ajuntament de Palma to take action against the proprietor of the tourist shop.

The social media post garnered a huge reaction.

User @Costerutmuc said: “This would be a scandal in Germany”.

@Raul413600191 remarked: “I can’t believe they sell those t-shirts and nobody says anything.”

According to Spanish media, the shop owner claims the shirt was pre-ordered by a German tourist who requested Hitler be printed on the front.  The tourist allegedly never returned to collect the custom T-shirt so they offered it for sale.

Reports suggest the owners have since removed and destroyed the shirt.


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