Mid-flight EMERGENCY declared as UK to Spain plane diverts to France

EASYJET: UK to Spain flight diverted to France (File photograph). Photo credit: Shutterstock

AN easyJet flight from the UK to Spain has diverted to France after a mid-flight emergency was declared while the plane was flying at 31,000 ft.

Flight EZY79TB which took off from London Gatwick at 12.13 was scheduled to land in the Spanish capital, Madrid, at 3.40pm.

But the crew declared an ’emergency’ while the plane was flying over the Channel Islands and the flight was diverted and landed safely at Brest in France.


On Twitter one user speculated that the emergency was because a passenger had been taken ill.

They wrote: “Looks like pax illness. EasyJet website is already showing new departure time from Brest #u28277”.

But the Airlive Twitter feed suggested the diversion was because of a technical fault and the aircraft would have to refuel.



  1. It’s always best to ignore the twitter messages from sources that are not official. There’s always one who is desperate to put something on twitter so they talk a load of crap


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