WATCH: Furious ‘easyJet employee’ unleashes foul-mouthed tirade at Ryanair cabin crew


VIDEO of a woman who claimed to be an easyJet staff member locking horns with a member of Ryanair’s cabin crew during a flight from Manchester to Tenerife, Spain has emerged.

Passengers aboard the flight, which included young children, witnessed her expletive-filled rant.

A fellow passenger captured the moment the woman launched a tirade of abuse towards the Ryanair employee.


The Ryanair employee was trying to manage an argument between the woman, who had allegedly been drinking, and a fellow passenger who had confronted her about her language beforehand.

The woman, seemingly infuriated by a ‘look’ she received from the crew member, can be heard saying, “Don’t look down your nose at me.”

The Ryanair employee was repeatedly labelled a “soft t***” by the incensed woman as he struggled to calm her down.

During her rant the woman proudly proclaimed: “I work for f****** easyJet”, though this has not been confirmed.

An easyJet spokesperson went as far as to say, ““We have no information to suggest that the individual in this video is an easyJet member of staff.”




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