Smuggler’s car cut open to free migrant hidden under dashboard

Guardia Civil
HIDDEN: Eagle-eyed agents spotted the man (highlighted) from the engine bay

SPANISH police have arrested three people after making a strange discovery during a routine customs search.

Officers at the Morocco-Melilla border post noticed the odd behaviour of the car passengers and they grew suspicious and decided to investigate further. 

They performed a close inspection of the Moroccan-registered car and were astonished to find there was a sub-Saharan man, lying lodged under the car’s dashboard. 


An eagle-eyed agent spotted the man from the engine bay.

Guardia Civil officers found they lacked the tools required to gain access to the migrant and were forced to call upon fire services to release him.

Firefighters cut away the steering wheel and then the dashboard of the vehicle, careful not to harm the man beneath.

Once freed, the migrant was sent for medical treatment and eventually to CETI (the Centre for Temporary Immigrants).

All three Moroccan men, the driver and his two passengers, were arrested by the Guardia Civil and will go to court on people smuggling charges.    


Firefighters sliced the man out from under the dashboard – Photo Credit: Guardia Civil 



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