Ryanair renews calls for booze control measures at UK airports

BOOZE CONTROL: Ryanair call for tougher restrictions on airport drinking in UK

RYANAIR has once again called for drinking controls at UK airports to help clamp-down on passengers behaving badly on their flights.

The calls come after a recent spate of booze-related incidents have caused havoc on the ground and in the air.

The low-cost Irish airline have reaffirmed their stance saying, “Ryanair’s number one priority is the safety of our customers, crew and aircraft and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and disruptive behaviour.”


Ryanair says it already has a policy of not allowing ‘intoxicated passengers’ onboard their aircraft and the new measures would enhance that control. 

They suggest a ‘no alcohol sales before 10am policy’ at airports  to ‘curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates.’

The carrier also suggests a two-drink limit per passenger but it is not clear how that would be enforced.

In a statement to The Sun Online they said: “Given that all of our flights are short-haul, very little alcohol is actually sold on board and cabin crew have full discretion when it comes to selling or refusing to sell alcohol to passengers on board.

“We are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, such as a two-drink limit per passenger and no alcohol sales before 10am.

“It’s incumbent on the airports to introduce these preventative measures to curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before their flights.”



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