Most Spaniards live at home until nearly 30

Most Spaniards stay at home until their thirties according to one study

SPANIARDS tend to remain at home until the age of 29 according to a new report from the European Eurostat barometer.

This is one of the older ends of the age scale when compared to other youth in the eurozone and can be ascribed to a combination of youth unemployment, the number of short term work contracts and the lack of affordable property to rent or purchase.

Those who leave home earliest are the Swedes with an average age of just 21 whilst in Malta the average age is as high as 32.2 years.


The figures for Spain which were provided by the Emancipation Observatory of the Council of Youth of Spain is accurate to the end of the first half of 2017 and it is noted that only approximately 20 per cent of those under 29 are able to afford to leave home.



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