Skin care for better life satisfaction

Your skin can affect overall well being.

KEEPING their skin in top condition can be important in helping people feel happier about life.

A new study has shown just how much skin conditions can knock people back. In fact every single one of the 842 respondents to a survey said that their skin conditions had affected at least one element of their lives.

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Elements negatively affected included body confidence, financial, work, family, relationships, health and wellbeing.

The biggest concern was body confidence, with 76% of respondents saying that it had been hit by their skin condition.

This comes at a time where concern over body confidence is at an all time high, with data from Google showing a steep and consistent rise in ‘body positivity’ interest over the last two years.  

General health and well being was also negatively affected, according to 65% of respondents, while 15% of respondents felt their skin condition had affected them financially. The study by Harvey Water Softeners in partnership with TalkHealth also showed that 50% of those suffering with dry skin spend more than €135 per year on products to treat it. Skincare products may include moisturisers, dermatologically friendly soaps and cleansers as well as repairing oils and creams.

Further questions revealed that €135 was the minimum spent on products each year, as 10% of the 842 respondents claimed that they spend between €30 and €55 a month.


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