Hits and Misses by Simon Rich

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Hits and Misses by Simon Rich

FAME is the word. Ordinary people crave it and strive after it and those who have it wonder why they ever bothered chasing it in the first place.

It is in this spirit that Paul Revere’s horse opens up in a gripping and bitter tell-all of life under the American revolutionary midnight rider’s saddle.

Then there’s the praise heaped on one of the Second World War’s best-known dictators in a magazine profile.


Not to mention the tale of the film critic condemned to live in the films he has scathingly reviewed. And the anxiety of one father who’s child outstrips his success while in the womb.

In a series of short stories inspired by author Simon Rich’s experiences in Hollywood, Hits and Misses chronicles the absurdity that often accompanies success and the humanity in failure.


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