Spain’s tourism numbers up between June and September

This year there will be more than 7 million travellers

TOURISM in Spain is expected to increase 1.5 percent between June and September.

Thanks to this growth, the president of Costa Del Sol Tourism has stated that there will be a definitive recovery of the national market.

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The province is expected to attract 7,000,000 travellers, around 104,000 more than last year.

In his opinion the most notable increase will not be the increase in numbers but a rise in spending, which in return will generate more profits.

The economic impact is estimated to be €7.4 billion, with more than 3,400 jobs potentially created, a 3.6 per cent improvement on 2017.

In order to further boost the recovery of the national market, the Centre for Costa Del Sol Tourism will be investing 50 per cent more and providing more than 60 promotional campaigns exclusively for the region.


  1. [b]He could improve it in a pen stroke…[/b]

    President Elias Bendodo Benasayag could improve the ratings for the whole Costa if he’d deal with the ever shrinking desire to let businesses provide live entertainment via a license.

    Right now more town halls are holding back licenses for live music than at any other time and these venues provide a very critical service to the tourism sector.

    Tourists don’t just want to eat and drink – they want to be entertained and the idea they can be with television’s and little radio sets is quite absurd.

    Time to climb back into this century Snr Elias Bendodo Benasayag and tell your town halls to be realistic about licenses and give some. Long term it will negatively affect the venues, entertainers, entertainment market and ultimately the Costa as visitors decline due to boredom.


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