‘Drunk’ passenger on easyJet flight to Mallorca headbutts steward

Mathieu Marquer flickr
easyJet aircraft alongside terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport

AN easyJet flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Palma Mallorca was delayed due to air traffic restrictions.

Four passengers who had allegedly drunk a great deal whilst in the terminal were being removed from the aircraft by the police when a fifth passenger suddenly exploded with anger.

It appears that for some reason, he took a disliking to one of the aircrew and is said to have head butted him.

Officers immediately intervened and the assailant was quickly arrested after a struggle and was removed from the plane.

Some considerable time after this event took place, passengers were told that the flight which was due to leave at 9.10pm yesterday (Friday) evening would be rescheduled to take off this morning instead.


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