WATCH: Fire breather hurt after setting herself alight in northern Spain

FLAMING HELL: The performer was hospitalised with severe burns

THIS is the shocking moment that a young fire-breather sets herself alight during a performance in northern Spain.

The woman was on stage at the Evolution Macro Show in Pradejon, La Rioja, when the dramatic incident unfolded.

Video footage posted online shows her performing for revellers as she draws a flaming torch to her lips and blows fire into the air.

But the flames seem to catch her chin before engulfing her entire head.

She is then seen leaping from the high platform as a fire breaks out on the stage as some members of the audience scream in horror, while others seem to think it is part of her routine.

The victim was taken to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza after suffering serious burns to her face, arms and hands.

Medics have not yet revealed the full extent of her condition.


  1. This is NOT a professional fire breather.

    #1 She is not using the correct fuel

    #2 She has the fuel in an open cup. This is not standard protocol for the reasons shown. She drops it and fuel goes everywhere leading to more fire. Your safety technician is supposed to hold your closed and labeled fuel bottle between breaths

    #3 She is not trained to react to this situation for her safety personnel, if there even was any on site. She is supposed to hold her breath, drop to her knees with her arms out, and look up with her eyes closed so that she can be extinguished. If she also had a cotton wipe rag like she’s supposed to, she could have most likely extinguished herself

    In all, please don’t try this without proper professional training. Or else we get this, more media attention regarding people who aren’t trained and have accidents which make the actual professionals look bad


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