Mallorca locals slam ‘disgusting’ tourists with viral video showing rubbish-filled promenade

Mallorquins fins els ous de satuación/Facebook
LITTER: Mallorca locals slammed tourists leaving rubbish on the beach

MALLORCA locals have slammed the ‘disgusting’ state of the island’s most famous beach, the Playa de Palma in a viral video.

The four-mile stretch of white sand was shown to be far from the idyllic paradise in footage that claimed to show the ‘truth’ about the area.

The video – which has been seen more than 70,000 times- showed drunken tourists sprawled on the beach or drinking and smoking surrounded by rubbish both on the sand and the promenade.

Cans, bottles and plastic can be seen strewn across the area described in brochures as ‘the perfect place for families.’

The Facebook group that posted the video, Mallorquins fins els ous de satuación (‘Mallorcans want an end to saturation’), keep track of rowdy behavior on the island and its followers claim that authorities don’t do enough to tackle anti-social behavior despite fines being threatened to anyone who litters, causes noise or disturbances or acts drunk in public spaces.


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