DRIVEN MAD: Brazen Spanish bus driver ‘masturbated in front of female passenger’

EASY RIDER: The incident took place aboard a packed Valencia bus.

A SPANISH bus driver has been held and charged with dangerous driving after allegedly pleasuring himself while at the wheel.

The sordid incident took place in Valencia, with the 60-year-old’s arrest coming after a young woman filed a complaint.

According to a police statement, she sat in a seat to the suspect’s right after getting on the packed local service, and immediately saw him leering at her through his rear-view mirror.

She then realised he had his trousers undone and was performing a sex act on himself, before catching sight of his manhood as he ‘brazenly rubbed it back and forth.’

The horrified victim rang the bell and got off the bus at the next stop before reporting her sickening experience.

Investigators contacted public transport firm EMT, with the culprit identified in the wake of a short internal probe.

It is believed he has been freed ahead of an upcoming court appearance.



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