More cops on the streets to tackle ‘Brit booze crisis’ in Spanish tourist hotspot

CLAMPDOWN: Antisocial boozers won’t be tolerated this year.

MALLORCA is cracking down on drunken tourism this summer with more police officers on the street than ever before. 

The fight against drunken tourism will be “relentless,” Palma’s mayor Antoni Noguera said. 

New rules will be enforced throughout summer, starting in June and ending on October 15.

There are already 120 officers controlling hordes of rowdy holidaymakers, 28 more than last year. 

Exact numbers for this summer’s police force have not yet been announced. 

The Local Citizen Security Board met yesterday and announced a long list of sanctions which unruly revellers will face in the coming months. 

Island authorities will also put more cash towards emergency teams responding to urgent call outs.  

The council’s ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown includes a ban on two-for-one drinks sales, as well as all happy hour promotions. Those who ignore the ban will face fines of up to €1,500 in. 

The irregular sale of alcohol in public places will be a major target for the police force.

Palma police have been alerting drinking spots ahead of the new rules coming into force.

The island will also be getting tougher with establishments which blast out loud music into the early hours and drinking on streets will be banned too. 

Last year locals told British media their homeland would be better off without boozy Brits. 

News comes as Mallorca campaigners try to limit the time cruise ships can dock up. They also want to land passengers with a tourist tax of €5 per night. 


  1. I could never understand why my fellow Britons, who usually led unblemished lives, made straight for the bars at the airport. Ariving at their destination most were seemingly focused on getting bladdered. I recall one who was so smashed he couldn’t remember his short break in Belgium. As we used to say in the homes abroad business, ‘people leave their brains at the airports’.

  2. I hope too that the Mallorca police are also targeting the dangerous prostitutes that rob unsuspecting tourists at night. The police know where and who they are but seem to do very little. Without the Brits tourists there would be no need to employ so many police. It is the tourist that pays their wages.!!!.


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