CRUMBS: Woman sacked for stealing pasty to get job back or €19,000 compensation

EMPANADA: The Spanish equivalent of a pasty

AN EMPLOYEE who was fired for stealing and eating a pasty at work in Spain has been told by a court she should have her job back or be compensated.

The company she worked for recorded the empanada-scoffing incident on a surveillance camera which was submitted to the court as evidence.

But a judge in Cordoba said the evidence is inadmissible after the European Court of Human Rights condemned Spain for taking such evidence without the consent of the workers.

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The woman had worked at the same shopping centre for 12 years and, on November 22 last year, she received a letter of dismissal for “an absolutely fraudulent and disloyal performance”.

Now the judge has ordered the company to re-employ the woman or, alternatively, pay her €19,000 compensation.



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