New-born royal baby’s nanny hails from Spain

Twitter / @KensingtonRoyal
PROUD PARENTS: Leaving hospital with the new-born Prince yesterday (Monday)

ALTHOUGH Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are very hands-on parents when it comes to bringing up their offspring they do get some help from a nanny – and she’s from Spain.

Maria Borrallo is already nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte and now she will have the new prince, born yesterday, under her care too.

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Maria is in her 40s and comes from Palencia in Spain.

She joined the royal household in 2014 when Prince George was eight-months-old.

Maria trained for three-years at the prestigious 125-year-old Noreland College in Bath that teaches students to sew, cook and change nappies, as well as offering classes in self-defence and first-aid.


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