Spanish woman attacked on London tube train for not speaking English

British Transport Police are investigating attack on Spanish woman

THE British Transport Police Service (BTP) has just issued an appeal for witnesses to a racial attack on a Spanish woman on a Central Line train.

What they refer to as a vicious and racially-motivated assault took place last Saturday when the victim, a 24 year-old woman, was talking to some friends in Spanish.

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Two nearby women heard her and started shouting at her, saying she should be talking English when in England.

They then grabbed her hair and pulled her around by her hair. This resulted in injuries to her scalp and cuts to her face.

The aggressors who were responsible for the attack on the train that was travelling from Liverpool Street to Stratford are both reported as being black and in their late twenties.

This appeal is in support of the current enquiries being undertaken by the force whose officers are also checking CCTV recordings.


  1. This is the sort of state sanctioned behaviour you get in Russia against foreigners so why is it a surprise when it happens in Putin’s Britain!
    Leaving the EU is precisely what Putin wanted when he instigated the covert operations to bring about Brexit many years ago. Destabilising and weakening the West are Putin’s aims and Brexit is one of the most effective ways to do this.
    The British have been lead by the noses by the very clever Putin to the abyss and soon will all jump off!

  2. I think it stinks how these people have been treated both my wife and my self travel to Spain twice a year on holiday and we have never been treated this way what if other people went to many different country’s would we have to speak many languages prior to traveling I just hope these women are caught and put in front of a very good judge who will think very hard on the behaviour

  3. Hi John,

    What has this got to do with Putin? Oh, dont tell me lol, Russia did it?!?
    Wheres your evidence?

    One other thing: apart from the usual videos from the CIA and Red cross depicting children being sprayed with water
    where is the evidence that Assad did it? Do you really think this was Syria or just the usual from Israel?

    A BRIT.


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