BRAKES ON?: Proposals to reduce speed limits on Spain’s main roads


SPAIN’S traffic directorate (DGT) is considering plans to reduce the speed limit on main roads across the country in a move to improve road safety.

The proposed reforms would see many main roads have their maximum speeds reduced from 100 to 90 kmh. Regions would be allowed to revert the limit “if the route is safe and well maintained.”

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A DGT spokesperson said that signs are often ignored because the limit “makes no sense with the type of road.”

“If a driver sees a road in good condition they don’t understand why there’s a low speed limit and vice versa.”

The proposed changes in law will be sent to the Spanish Home Office “soon” according to reports.


  1. What is the story about the A7052 road between Churrianna and Estacion de Cartama? It has a 60 KPH limit for almost its entire length, with a couple of 70 KPH stretches which are not long enough to get to that speed before they reduce to 50 KPH. There is also one stretch, about a km long, which is down to 40 KPH, which seems ridiculously low for a main arterial route. There are no schools, playgrounds, or shops, or even footpaths, along this route.
    When I drive along this section, at 40 KPH I incur the wrath of other drivers who overtake me, (quite safely), and scowl at me as they do.
    What am I supposed to do? Obey the letter of the law and make a nuisance, (and a danger), of myself to other road users? Or go with the flow and risk a ticket for speeding?


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