Police smash fake rum ring in Spain

ON THE ROCKS: Police bust fake rum ring

IF you enjoy your spirits in Spain you’d better be careful that you’re getting exactly what you’ve asked for.

Guardia Civil police in the south of Spain have raided eight distributors and seized 2,548 bottles of fake rum.

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Another 301 bottles which didn’t comply with labelling regulation were also found.

Police investigations found a Sevilla-based businessman based was importing the counterfeit rum and passing it off as original.

Inspectors said it was almost impossible for the consumer to detect that rum was fake as the bottling and labelling differences were practically imperceptible and laboratory analysis was necessary to corroborate the evidence.


  1. Ive often wondered if we were drinking the real thing. It is hard to know, Alcohol tastes as that alcohol. The other day I had Sea aged Cava. That was different as I compared it with non sea aged cava in Xabia.


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