I’m sure it will all sort itself out

‘UNRECOGNISABLE’: London shivers in 2018 and (inset) Leapy’s son on his fashion shoot.

WELL, the Finns may have been calling it ‘just another Wednesday,’ but when I found myself heading for the Piccadilly underground station, in a temperature of minus four degrees centigrade, (with a wind shear of minus 12!), it certainly felt like the ‘Beast from the East’ to me! 

Yep, the ol’ boy’s in Blighty again, and, with his usual impeccable timing, found himself experiencing one of the coldest March days to hit the auld country since records began. Talk about brass monkeys. Once more I was reminded as to one of the main reasons I moved to balmy España all those years ago. 

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On this occasion I was ‘in town’ to accompany my son David on his first fashion shoot (don’t ask!). It all actually went rather well. In fact, as I have now been promised a new Bentley and a villa when he ‘makes it,’ I am delighted that my future, which has always been somewhat precarious, is now completely assured and I can now relax a bit – dream on Leapy! 

‘Course nothing has really changed from my last visit. London is still completely unrecognisable from my particular days of yore, both in skyline and diversity.  To me one of the saddest aspects is still the suppression of free speech. On one visit to a well-known large West End store, when I quietly, but truthfully remarked that the experience reminded me of a Mid-East bazaar, my horrified niece fearfully urged me to keep my voice  down, before we were arrested or suffered actual physical damage. 

Ah well, I’m sure it will all sort itself out, one way or another. 

Could hardly believe one report I read this week. It concerned a young girl of 11 who had been turned out of a McDonald’s into the snow; apparently for no better reason than the fact that she was wearing a school uniform!  In the report McDonald’s preffered no better explanation than it was now their policy to ban any youngster dressed in this manner. Unbelievable? Yes I thought so too. So I delved a bit. 

It was actually my 17-year-old Goddaughter who came up with the reason for this seemingly unacceptable policy. Apparently school uniforms are looked upon as a way of rival factions identifying themselves. It appears after experiencing a number of altercations and violence between children of opposing schools, McDonald’s had decided to ban uniforms altogether. Is that a sad reflection of our day and age or what?

Finally, to really take the biscuit on all this feminism and ‘me too’  onslaught we’ve been experiencing of late, I cite the utterly moronic American university feminist, who has seriously begun a movement to eradicate the word ‘Man’ altogether! 

In fairness she was subsequently shot down in flames by her interviewer, who suggested that, among other things, if her quest were to become a success, she herself would become merely a ‘Wo’! Yep, she would also become a ‘Hu’ of course.  Manfred Man would become plain old Fred and the baby Jesus laid in a ‘ger.’  I dunno, what a load of old ‘ure.’

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy 

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  1. I recall that it all began with the Chairman being changed to Chairperson.
    Whereas I recall our council was very pleased to call a female incumbent “Madam Chairman” And so was the lady in question. The mind boggles at the word games that now must be played to satisfy PC police.
    Manpower.. – Person Power.?
    Manual Labour – Personal Labour ?
    Mangrove – Person grove swamp?
    Will the new ban on masculine sounding words also include plurals.?
    Menstruation – ????????
    Menopause – ???????
    And what about the male Midwife can we call him a Manwife..?
    All language is dynamic except perhaps DEAD languages.
    Language should be allowed to develop by general consensus and popular usage NOT enforced.
    Roy Leon


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