WATCH: TV favourite ‘A Place In The Rain’… sorry ‘Sun’ – films in soggy Spain

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RAIN IN SPAIN: A Place In The Sun call a halt to filming

THE popular British television series A Place In The Sun has taken a battering from the weather this week while filming in Spain.

The Channel 4 TV programme that helps British couples swap the grey skies of Britain for sun, sea and sand abroad came unstuck when the crew encountered bad weather bringing production to a halt.

Presenter Jasmine Harman, who has worked on the show since 2004, took to social media as the crew retreated indoors.

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In a series of posts, the TV star even joked, “I’m sure it says A Place In The Sun’ on my contract! This is not what I signed up for! I might just have to have a diva strop!”

She went on, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on… us!”

Before adding, “Whoops! This weather is bonkers! I’ve been feeling left out of all the extreme weather posts, but now we’ve had torrential rain, gale force winds, glorious sunshine and pea soup fog all within half an hour…!

And then, “It’s not snowing, but just to let you know, it’s not all sunshine and roses here in Spain either!”

The popular programme first aired in 2000 and has seen spin-offs including an overseas property exhibition.

In each episode the programme shows a British couple wishing to buy a property in a sunny foreign country. They are shown three or four places found by the show’s researchers. The presenter gives the couple useful local information relating to buying, running and maintaining a property in this particular location. After viewing each property the couple are asked for their opinions. And, at the end of the show they are asked if they have a favourite property. Finally viewers are told if they went on to buy the property or another in the region.



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