WATCH: Charity’s new ‘I Will Survive’ campaign on International Childhood Cancer Day

YouTube / Juegaterapia Foundation
I WILL SURVIVE: Leire and Mateo

A CHARITY that’s leading the fight against children’s cancer in Spain has launched a moving video to highlight their cause on International Childhood Cancer Day – February 15.

The new ‘I Will Survive’ campaign has been launched by Juegaterapia Foundation and it aims to create a universal anthem to help all children with cancer to overcome the disease in the best possible way.

It features Mateo and Leire begin to dream of their future while receiving their chemotherapy treatment.


They dream of travelling around the world, Paris, New York, and even consider having children. They show everyone that they can overcome any adversity, including their illness.

Childhood cancer in Spain

According to the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer, 1,400 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed every year in Spain.

Boys present 60% of the cases.

Data shows that 30 per cent of the childhood cancer that is diagnosed is leukaemia, followed by 22% for tumours of the nervous system and 20% of brain tumours, and finally 13% of cancers for lymphomas.

The Juegaterapia Foundation donates €50,000 each year to the National Centre for Oncological Research to improve diagnosis and treatment techniques.


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