Brit ‘crack head’ arrested in Benidorm after stabbing British bar owner in the back

BENIDORM: LiL Bobs Beach Bar n Grill

SPANISH police have arrested a British man for the attempted murder of the owner of a Benidorm bar.

It is alleged the attacker, described as a regular, was refused a free drink at LiL Bobs Beach Bar n Grill on the seafront and he pulled a knife stabbing the owner, Steve, in the back.

Steve’s sister, Sarah Owen, said, “The knife has been removed and the initial outlook is good.

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“Steve is having scans tomorrow as it was very close to the spinal chord.

“He was stabbed at his ar by a local crack head he refused to give a free drink to.

She went on, “We know who did it – there were plenty of customers and CCTV.”

The man was arrested three hours later by police and is due in court.


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